Breaking down Myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Breaking down Myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects your brain and it is also considered as another form of dementia. Someone affected with this disease have problem with their memory and they cannot focus neither can they communicate. As time passes and the disease progresses it is found that the patient is unable to cope with their daily chores too. Still it is not known completely to the scientists that what is the main cause behind it and how can it be treated. It is also unknown that why some people are affected by it while others are not. There are many myths and misconceptions related to it and as you get older you should know about the myths related to Alzheimer’s.

Seniors are prone to affected by Alzheimer

It’s true that as you grow old you have the tendency to get affected by Alzheimer. Normally after 60 or later most people gets affected by it. Still there are many who suffer from this disease at an early age. Some have even showing the symptoms at the age of 30. It may not be that common but it happens.

Alzheimer’s can be slowed or cured

Alzheimer is a disease of brain and research is still going on it but still there is no cure for it! There are medications that mat slow down the progression of the symptoms but the results last for a few months only. Moreover, these medications do not work for everybody out there. Different research are still going on so that new avenues can be found for treating such patients.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same

Dementia is a term that is used for group of diseases that affects the memory, reasoning and communicating skill of a person. There are different types of dementia. Among the varied type of Dementia Alzheimer is just one and because someone is suffering from dementia it does not means that they have Alzheimer.

Memory is a part of aging

Memory lost is actually a part of life. You tend to forget a lot of things even when you are young. But the problem occurs when you forget about those things that are done regularly. You forget to brush your teeth, eat your lunch or even to sleep. Different issues have their impact on memory but Alzheimer is different. It affects your daily life harshly.

Different shots can be reason for Alzheimer

This is totally a misconception. Yet research is going on to understand the cause behind it. There are no such evidence that shows that flu shots or any other vaccines can lead to this disease. Visit this site for information on medicare advantage plans.