Natural skin care – everything you should know

10 skin care products, that’s what the average person apply to his body daily, this could be sprays, lathers, slathers, and rubs. The average person add around 130 chemicals to his skin and no one can guaranteed that these chemicals are safe to use, even if they’re individually, when combined they’ll produce another effect.

Most of the chemicals inside skin care products are proven to be harmful but FDA and cosmetic companies claim that small amounts of the chemicals are not harmful. Still another question they refuse to answer is how about consuming the products over a long period of time?

No one can predict how a chemical is going to affect you over time and the type of changes they’ll bring to your body; these chemicals lead to various kinds of diseases. Take “phthalates” as example, it is present in some fragrances, these compound disrupt your hormones leading to sperm damage, infertility, birth defects and even other diseases that we don’t even know.

According to environmental Working Group there are over 10,500 skin care and cosmetics ingredients recognized by the U.S Food and Drug Administration, but 90% of these ingredients have not been reviewed or approved for safety by either FDA or Cosmetic Ingredient Review. There is no any good company that will produce products that will harm their customers, but they just believed that the chemicals they’re using are of no harm to us, they cannot however defend themselves regarding their safety.

Some countries are doing their best to improve the health of their citizens and have taken the step to ban some of these dangerous chemical in skincare products. In Europe, about 1,110 cosmetic ingredients have been banned because they’re believed to cause cancer, while in the U.S only 10 ingredients are banned

Instead of adding 100’s of chemicals to your body everyday why don’t you take preventive measures that will ensure healthy state of your skin. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can take care of your skin with little to no side effect;

Keep It Simple

Don’t let any celebrity deceive you on the screen trying to promote a product; you don’t really need all those products. All you need are basic things like; moisturizer, toner and cleanser. Don’t complicate things.

Only Go For Natural Products

Most cosmetic products are synthetic chemicals and that’s something everyone wants to stay away from. Only buy products that 100% natural. Don’t be deceived, there are companies that claim natural products but they mixed with synthetic.

Avoid Fragrance

Most of the leading fragrance companies don’t even disclose the chemical they use in their products, because that’s not necessary according to the federal law to reveal all the dozens of chemicals they’re using in their products. Care must be taken when choosing products with fragrance.

Do It Yourself

There are a lot of natural homemade remedies for most skin problems and makeups, just search online and you’ll find a bunch of methods and simple ingredients you can use at home to take care of your skin naturally.  Find more about about Supplement plans at

Why You Should Buy Medigap Policy F Now

Why You Should Buy Medigap Policy F Now

Whenever there is an annual enrollment period in force, many of seniors will seize the opportunity to change from the Medicare Advantage program to the original Medicare plan. What this means is that they will also try to find the best Medicare supplement insurance policy available. Making the transition is a big decision to take; but it can be quite a difficult task to decide what could be the best policy to purchase.

The most popular policy available to people over 65 is the Medicare Supplemental Policy F. This is because it is the most complete option. Policy F insures 20 percent of the original coinsurance that Medicare does not pay, as well as the deductible for Part A and B. In fact, for people who buy Policy F, they rarely have additional costs to pay in addition to their monthly premium. In addition, policy F of the state health care supplement insures the excessive costs of Part B and has the advantages of traveling abroad.

Although the plan F of Medicare supplement may have the best insurance, it can be a challenge to find this policy at a low premium. The good news is that all policies have been standardized by the Medicare Service Center. This means that each insurance company now provides the exact same policies with the same set of benefits. They cannot add more benefits or change policies. With this in mind, it is imperative that you buy from all companies to make sure you buy Policy F at the lowest price available.

The Medicare F Supplemental Policy is a fantastic policy, and many seniors want to purchase it. However, many people do not qualify as a result of an existing health condition. Unlike Medicare Advantage policies, Medicare supplement policies ask health questions that must be answered before you can benefit from insurance. However, you can benefit from a special guarantee issuance period if you decide to cancel the Medicare subsidy policy during an annual enrollment period. Should this be the case, you should take this opportunity to buy the best policy available.

Information is the key to making an important decision, and there are many ways you can get information about the Medicare health care policy. You must obtain quotes from several companies to determine if you will qualify for insurance or not. One very effective method to do this is to speak with a national insurance broker specializing in Medicare policies. They will have the opportunity to give estimates and explain the guidelines for the subscription and the guaranteed issue. Get quotes for a medicare supplement plan at

All older adults seek the same solution: they want the best insurance at an affordable price. In addition, they want to visit hospitals and doctors who believe they will offer the highest quality care. Many times, the Medicare F integration policy is always the best answer. It depends largely on your position and your budget. It is important to consider all options before purchase a plan. Most insurance companies offer Medigap Policy F, so you may want to buy.

Make sure to reduce your Bills and Expenses as much as Possible

Make sure to reduce your Bills and Expenses as much as Possible

Bills are a source of headache not only during old age but also during working age. People believe that bills will be here with us till the end of our days on earth. You will agree with me that bills do exist and may even increase after your retirement. Considering that bills may not be avoided, it is important for you seniors to come up with better ways of ensuring that bills are reduced significantly. Do you have bills that are currently giving you headache? If yes, what can you do to reduce the pain that comes with it? Humana medicare advantage plans visiting here

Spend little on unnecessary bills

Considering that bills are recurrent and may be catered for unknowingly because they are habit forming, it is important for you to make sure that you do away with those bills that you think are not necessary. For example, if you have a personal router or Wi-Fi connection in your house and you don’t use it anymore, you need to make sure that you do away with such bills. Why am I saying so? It is simple, at the age of 65, our priorities tend to shift and they shift from luxuries to other things. With this shift, we need to shut down and stop paying for those services that do not benefit us anymore. This is one way of reducing the amounts of finances spent of extraordinary bills.

Secondly, you need to choose those suppliers that offer services at a lower price. You will agree with me that there are a variety of suppliers and all of them have their own prices. While working, we may choose those suppliers who offer goods or services with higher prices since we perceive their prices to be of high quality. However, after our retirement, this perception may not be a good one since there is need to reduce the amount of money we spend on bills.

Pay using direct debit and enjoy great discounts

You will agree with me that paying monthly in advance accrues us very attractive interests. With that idea at hand, it is important to consider paying for our old age bills using direct debit cards. This way, we will be entitled to a reduced prices when paying for our bills. You will agree with me that reduced prices is a way in which we can reduce the amount of spending on monthly bills.

Making Your Money Last Till You Last

Making Your Money Last Till You Last

The blast at the farewell party reminded you that now you are retired. You had a lovely life and had planned everything in details but now you are worried that whether the funds that you have will last as long as you last? You must have made provisions for retirement financing earlier but there is difference between the working phase and from the moment you are retired. Interested in AARP medicare advantage plans?  Get info here

Now that you do not have your paychecks every month anymore it is time to take investing decisions wisely so that you have what you want. It is time now that you work on what portfolio have you built over the time. There must be balance in between your investments. Let’s check out how you can achieve that.

Two Strategies

In order to balance your income after retirement and your expenses you need to take care of three factors. The first being the source of your retirement income. The second is the flexibility you have in your budget and the last being your capability for tolerating risk in both psychological and practical basis. Remember your retirement is just another beginning and you should be prepared to face it. Everybody hopes that they will last long and the same should be with you. In that case you should split the savings that you have in three parts, one for the early retirement phase, and the other two for middle and last stages. You need to divide your expenses into fixed and other for flexible. Income from social security, pension etc. must be used for meeting the fixed expenses. For other expenses like travel and entertainment you can rely on your investments that will provide you returns over the time.

So, before you finally plan out where are you going to invest you need to calculate the gap between the income and expenses. This has to be covered by your savings. If you had planned for retirement earlier then you must be ready to meet those expenses now with your savings. If not your portfolio need to be changed.

Invest in secured bonds

The savings that you have after retirement is something that is required to last long. If it does not then you will be facing problem. Thus, in order to increase your income it is best to invest in secured bonds. This way you can be sure that you will be getting something for your investment.

Breaking down Myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Breaking down Myths about Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects your brain and it is also considered as another form of dementia. Someone affected with this disease have problem with their memory and they cannot focus neither can they communicate. As time passes and the disease progresses it is found that the patient is unable to cope with their daily chores too. Still it is not known completely to the scientists that what is the main cause behind it and how can it be treated. It is also unknown that why some people are affected by it while others are not. There are many myths and misconceptions related to it and as you get older you should know about the myths related to Alzheimer’s.

Seniors are prone to affected by Alzheimer

It’s true that as you grow old you have the tendency to get affected by Alzheimer. Normally after 60 or later most people gets affected by it. Still there are many who suffer from this disease at an early age. Some have even showing the symptoms at the age of 30. It may not be that common but it happens.

Alzheimer’s can be slowed or cured

Alzheimer is a disease of brain and research is still going on it but still there is no cure for it! There are medications that mat slow down the progression of the symptoms but the results last for a few months only. Moreover, these medications do not work for everybody out there. Different research are still going on so that new avenues can be found for treating such patients.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are the same

Dementia is a term that is used for group of diseases that affects the memory, reasoning and communicating skill of a person. There are different types of dementia. Among the varied type of Dementia Alzheimer is just one and because someone is suffering from dementia it does not means that they have Alzheimer.

Memory is a part of aging

Memory lost is actually a part of life. You tend to forget a lot of things even when you are young. But the problem occurs when you forget about those things that are done regularly. You forget to brush your teeth, eat your lunch or even to sleep. Different issues have their impact on memory but Alzheimer is different. It affects your daily life harshly.

Different shots can be reason for Alzheimer

This is totally a misconception. Yet research is going on to understand the cause behind it. There are no such evidence that shows that flu shots or any other vaccines can lead to this disease. Visit this site for information on medicare advantage plans.



Challenges faced when managing finances.

Challenges faced when managing finances.

As an older adult, there are numerous challenges that you are at risk of facing in the effort to manage your finances. This however does not mean that you do not mange your finances anyway. There are challenges that are bound to come your way but with resilience and a little bit of help, it is possible to successfully be in control of your finances.

The first and most dangerous challenge that comes when you are trying to manage your finances is called cognitive decline. This is a medical condition that renders an older adult unfit to make decisions rightfully. This is because it interferes with your ability to process information in an accurate way. The biggest threat about this condition is that it is difficult to tell. As such, with the expectation that you are okay as usual, your friends and family as well as colleagues will assume that you are okay and therefore leave you to continue making decisions. They may end up realizing when it is too late and your finances are already far spent and wasted. Find out about medicare advantage plans here

Another challenge is that due to spending. There are many things that you may need yet so much more than you can do without. Managing your finances requires financial intelligence so that you do not spend your finances on things that are not really necessary. Spending requires proper planning so that you have the time to organize the things you need Vis a Vis the things you want. Expenses are also another challenge that faces financial management. This particularly relates to the recurring expenses such as water and electricity bills, gas and fuel among others. These expenses have the tendency to fluctuate from one time to the other making it hard to actually predict. With an evaluation of monthly spending however, it is possible to catch a grip of just how much is spent on such expenses and this is in fact financial management.

Another challenge is one’s responsibility towards family. Dependants are a responsibility that poses a challenge to an older adult’s finances. As a parent to an adult, you may be required to help your children pay their bills among other responsibilities. This is not wrong but make no mistake, this kind of generosity can en up clearing the balances in your bank if you are not careful. More so for the case of a senior adult with more than one older child or adult dependents who have their own homes.

Getting Help With Medicare Plans Can Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Medicare benefits over 50 million Americans by providing much-needed healthcare coverage. Plan details, formularies, processes and requirements outlined by healthcare policies, however, can be confusing. It’s a challenge to make sure you have what you need.

Selecting inadequate coverage and experiencing unexpected healthcare costs also can lead to stress and financial difficulties.

But there are objective and impartial resources available, including Medicare plan selection services that can help you determine what will best fit your needs. At the same time, it’s increasingly important to understand the type of guidance you’re receiving. For example, you want to find a company that does not accept any fees or commissions from insurance providers. The service should also not sell Medicare plans.

Medicare Basics-Get a AARP plan at

You should start with a simple choice at the beginning, and that’s deciding between two primary paths of coverage.

Traditional Medicare and Medicare Part D, with or without Medigap: One option is to choose traditional Medicare, which includes hospital insurance, or Part A, and medical services insurance, or Part B. Combined, this is the traditional package of basic coverage many people select and use.

When you choose traditional Medicare, you also need to purchase prescription drug coverage or a Medicare Part D plan. Although Part D is voluntary, if you don’t choose a Part D plan when you’re first eligible and want to buy one later, you may have to pay a penalty to do so. You also have the option of purchasing a Medicare supplement plan, or Medigap, which can help cover additional healthcare expenses.

Medicare Advantage: A second option is to choose a Medicare Advantage plan or Part C plan. Generally, this type of plan provides the coverage that you would get under Parts A and B. Your prescription drug coverage or Part D also may be included in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare: A Personal Choice

Keep in mind, Medicare coverage selection is a personal decision that depends on your specific healthcare and financial needs.

Just as medication may be prescribed for your health, your Medicare coverage should be designed to fit your health needs.

This is another reason it can be beneficial and critical to receive assistance with your Medicare plan selection. An impartial Medicare plan selection service can help you understand and choose the most affordable and appropriate Medicare coverage for your healthcare needs.

Because you may be choosing from the options mentioned above, including traditional Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Medigap, a Medicare plan selection service is designed to help you identify what works best in your situation. In some cases, for example, traditional Medicare is sufficient, so the most important decision to make during Medicare annual enrollment may be selecting a prescription drug or Medicare Part D plan.


All you wanted to know about Medicare supplement plans

There are various reasons for which you really need to go for  medicare supplement plans. Medicare Supplement Plans provided by  are there to offer you with a wide range of different choices for satisfying your diverse medical preferences, need as well as budgets. In case you are relatively new to the Medicare or giving it a thought to change your Medicare Coverage, then you can definitely go for  medicare supplement plans.

Types of the  Medicare Supplement plan

Get a quote at

Medicare Supplement plan like any other Medicare Supplement plan basically bundle in prescription drug coverage of the Medicare Part D. On the other hand, there are some other additional benefits also supposed to be there that are not generally found in any of the Part A and B. Some of these benefits are membership in the exercise program, routine dental coverage etc.

There are various types of Medicare Supplement Plan offered by . Not each of these types is supposed to be available in the location you live. Some of these types are described below.

  • Health Management Organization: HMO basically needs you to get the intended care from the providers in this plan’s network. After availing this plan, you are supposed to visit official website of in order to find this network’s health providers and doctors within this plan’s service area. Other than emergency or urgency, you are supposed to go for one of these specific medical providers, doctors or hospitals to get their service. Moreover, you also may have to choose the primary care doctor and you may require some kind of referral from him/her to avail various services. HMO is known to be pretty effective that helps you recover various costs.

Medicare supplement Plans for 2019


  • Preferred Provider Organization: It is also known as PPO which is some kind of useful managed care plan. Under this plan, you are supposed to avail the best coverage by going for its network providers. This plan is likely to cover various Medicare covered services if you select some provider outside of this network but you will have to pay more for that. You do not have to select any primary care doctor in this regard.


  • Private-Fee-for-Service: This kind of Medicare Supplement Plan is there to determine its own provider payment structures as well as members out of the pocket cost. With this plan, you are given the chance to select any kind of medical provider if they accept terms and conditions of this plan.

Growing Healthy and Tough with Aetna Medicare Supplement


If you feel real sick with your Medicare plans you need not worry more. Aetna Medicare Supplement gives you enough resources to make sure that your body stays fit and healthy.

Why Aetna Medicare?  Find out why at

Aetna Medicare is a known brand and many people have been interested in its schemes. Unlike other healthcare plans these plans have very little formalities to be done and therefore the plans start to be implemented within a short period of time. They take into account your past medical records and your hereditary traits to give you the right plan for implementation.

Who is the Actual Beneficiary?

With Aetna Medicare spreading its arms across the entire world, a lot of people have received plenty of benefits. The age group that has been mostly benefitted by this wonderful endeavor is 30-40. It is at this age that complications within the body start to arise and once the complications grow deeper the body starts giving signs for revival.

Age groups above and age groups below haven’t received all the benefits since they were not eligible to participate in most of the plans. The plans that were mostly directed towards the middle-aged persons did little help to the elder and younger people.

Drug Plans

Drug plans are essential for completing the entire plan as most of the Medicare policies do not cover the costs of drugs and medicines. United Healthcare on the other hand allows you to take part in certain drug coverage plans by donating a little extra amount. There are a number of plans which fall into this category.

This particular plan has two schemes which are there named as Tier 1-2 and Tier 3-5. Tier 1-2 does not charge you any amount and Tier 3-5 charges you a little amount based on the plan of subscription. This particular plan does not require any copayment and therefore it is a very relaxed formula for the several medical patients trying to find something that is very cheap and affordable.

However, for people who can spend less we recommend the Medicare Part C as it provides you some extra benefits at a slightly higher charge.


Prescribing for original Medicare is not essential. You need to have good coverage and a hefty salary. However, subscribing to one such plan gives you enough protection against accidents and health issues. The most important thing about Medicare is that it is appropriate for the ones who actually need it.

What are Medicare Supplement Plans in online

In recent times there are lots of diseases in the world. No person can live without any physical problems. For this cause, they spend lots of money what they have earned. To get rid of this problem everyone should try medical insurance. But medical insurance cannot help to remove all your medical problems. So there is another way to remove these quickly, and that is Medicare Supplement Plans. This will help to remove the gaps in that medical insurance plans.

What are the policies of medigap?

Before knowing about the policies of medigap, you should know what the medigap is. There are lots of medical policies, and if you use it, then you can cover almost everything. But there may be some gaps which may create huge trouble. For this cause, you should try medigap also with medical insurance plans.

The first thing is that you have to start the Medicare Supplement Plans A and B. you should remember that medigap advantage plans and medigap policy are completely different. You can choose any one of these. If you want to choose medigap, then you have to stop the previous plans. This is the main thing that this policy will cover only one person. So if you want to apply it to every person of your family, then you have to renew the policy again.

The process of this medigap

If you want to know the process, then you have to check their original website in online. From there you can know every detail of this Medicare Supplemental plans. Normally the process is simple. If you start a policy about it, then you can get the facilities and advantages automatically. That means if you fall ill then the charges of doctors or hospitals will be paid by the bank. So your headache will go away with the payment process. So do it quickly.

Different types of medigap policies.

If you check their website, then you will know about lots of plans for Medicare supplement. They have divided into lots of parts. Among them then Medicare A and Medicare B are the famous. You have to pay more if you choose these plans. Besides these, there are lots of plans also. Medicare D is also important for people. So you should choose the Medicare Supplement Plans wisely. You can choose this through the family member also. This will help you more than one plan.